Telemedicine, the solution to waiting lists in rehabilitation

2 July, 2019

  Currently, the shortage of specialists and the long waiting lists in rehabilitation make it necessary to incorporate telemedicine into health care in the West. To learn first-hand about this scenario in the healthcare system and the opinion of an expert on possible solutions, we spoke with Dr. Marco Conti, former president of the European […]

Physiotherapists opt on DyCare technology

13 June, 2019

To ensure that market requirements and the needs of healthcare professionals are met, DyCare collaborates with a team of physiotherapists who participate in the development of ReHub, the first remote rehabilitation platform. Next, we reveal what motivated them to join the DyCare project. Interview with Physio Board of DyCare Valentina Spunton, a physiotherapist specialized in […]

Sports retrofitting with DyCare Lynx

15 May, 2019

  Assessing the state of an injury and following it up is vital for the athlete’s complete recovery and readjustment to the world of competition. DyCare, aware of the importance of carrying out a correct assessment and helping the reincorporation of sports professionals, has bet the last few years on the sports sector. Therefore, the […]

Fabrizio Gravina integrates DyCare technology in sports rehabilitation

17 December, 2018

Fabrizio Gravina, physical therapist at the Ergodynamic biomechanics centre, uses DyCare technology for musculoskeletal evaluation in the rehabilitation of sportsmen and women.  In this article, he tells us about his experience with Lynx. DyCare interviews Fabrizio Gravina, trainer and physical therapist Why did you decide to test the Lynx solution at your centre? In a […]

DyCare interviews Dr. Maurizio Calcagni, hand surgery specialist

11 July, 2018

Dr. Maurizio Calcagni, Vice Chairman of the Division of Plastic and Hand Surgery at the University Hospital of Zurich (Switzerland), joins the DyCare  Medical Board  to participate actively in the development of ReHub along with the team and the other medical professionals already on the team. He explains his point of view as a surgeon […]