“With ReHub we have improved the effectiveness of physiotherapy treatments and, in addition, we can continue the distance therapy”

9 September, 2020

The exceptional circumstances in which we are immersed due to the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated the digitalization of many facets of our lives, which have found great possibilities and advantages in offering and receiving services at a distance.  The health field, and in particular the fields of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, has also been able to benefit from solutions […]

The digitalization of health as a process of improvement for the sector

20 July, 2020

At DyCare we are convinced that within the world of health care we all must contribute with our knowledge, experience and resources to build a better future for people. In recent months, an enormous effort has been made to gather information, knowledge and competence to respond to the needs that have been imposed on our lives on a daily basis. All […]