Advantages of incorporating tele-rehabilitation into healthcare

27 July, 2018

The technology applied to the field of rehabilitation provides multiple benefits for both the health system and the patient.  Next, we explain why tele-rehabilitation will help optimize healthcare resources and improve patients’ quality of life.



A better picture: lack of specialists and long waiting lists in rehabilitation

“The Spanish health system is not prepared to respond to the advance of medical rehabilitation and the epidemic of disability due to ageing,” concluded the Spanish Society for Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine (Sermef) in its latest edition held from 30 May to 1 June in Gijón (Asturias).

This shortage throughout the country requires incorporating tele-rehabilitation into the Spanish health system.  However, Manuel Rodríguez-Piñero, from Sermef’s board of directors, stated, “the Rehabilitation services suffer from technological obsolescence, which, if not taken care of, will become obsolete and out of the 21st century”. Such as this news from ABC in Seville underlines, the director added: “The integration of robotics or virtual reality systems into rehabilitation assistance, to give two examples, are common to all European rehabilitation centers and is, unfortunately, the story of our hospitals”.

Sermef calls for unified action to improve the detection and treatment of disability situations and to promote a reorganization of rehabilitation for rational care, as well as an adequate definition of portfolios of services and procedures that allow efficient management. 

Recently, La Sexta Noticias also announced that the lack of physiotherapists, the number of chronically ill, and the current model of care contribute to the congestion of the centers and, consequently, a delay of more than two months for rehabilitation in public health care. Professionals stress the importance of receiving physical therapy on time, and more so after an operation. Failure to do so can have lifelong consequences.


How to solve it: distance rehabilitation therapies

Remote rehabilitation or tele-rehabilitation consists, in the first place, of diagnosing possible musculoskeletal pathologies through wearable sensors that record movements in real time and in a very precise way. The medical report is then shared with the physical therapist to determine the type of exercises the patient should follow. Through the internet connection, the patient can access a space, where he can easily find the exercises so he can do them whenever and wherever he wants, and he can consult with the doctor whenever the need.

DyCare wanted to bet on ReHub, a new solution based on an online platform that allows connecting the patient, the physiotherapist and the doctor. It facilitates the execution of the rehabilitation treatment from home, and it is always monitored by the rehabilitation professional.

Silvia Raga, CEO of the company, comments: “Our goal is to offer products of value to the patient. We want to show objective data to offer more personalized treatments for the patient, and, at the same time, contribute to savings in the health system”. With this in mind, DyCare does not lose focus on transforming the future of rehabilitation by developing the first digital solution for distance physical rehabilitation therapies.


Eight advantages of tele-rehabilitation

  1. Storage of and access to the patient’s medical records from any location
  2. A personalized program of the rehabilitation exercises, specifically adapted to the patient’s physical condition
  3. Real-time control and monitoring of the patient by the expert
  4. Remote adaptation of the exercises
  5. Continuous interaction between doctor, physiotherapist and patient
  6. Patient empowerment and adherence to treatment thanks to the biofeedback they receive in real time during the execution of the exercises
  7. Comfort when performing the exercises as they can be done where and when the patient wants
  8. Savings in travel costs and waiting time

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information from DyCare ReHub, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to contact you.