What is ReHub?

ReHub® is the only digital rehabilitation platform based on medical evidence that delivers effective, personalized home rehabilitation for people who suffer from muscle-skeletal problems.    

This innovative tool maximizes operational aspects and therapeutic effectiveness, promoting a continuous communication between the physician, physiotherapist and the patient.

Our all-in-one platform will revolutionize the entire rehabilitation process, from the first physician visit through to completion of the program and the total recovery of the patient.

How does ReHub work?

The rehabilitation physician performs a functional evaluation of the injured joint through biomechanical sensors and intuitive software that allows obtaining an objective and dynamic 3D evaluation of the functional condition of the patient. The diagnosis performed by the physician is automatically shared with the physiotherapist.

The physiotherapist automatically creates a personalized home exercise program, tailored specifically to each patient’s condition. A ‘quick-glance’ dashboard allows the physiotherapist to follow the patient’s progress, control the exercises execution and adapt them remotely.

The patient can perform his exercises safely whenever and wherever he wants by accessing the ReHub Web platform and using his Exercise Kit. A continuous real time visual biofeedback increases patient empowerment and adherence to the rehabilitation process.

What are the advantages of ReHub?


  •   Empowerment and adherence to rehabilitation treatment
  •   Cost saving: access at any time and from anywhere
  •   Reduction of recovery time
  •   Always connected with health care professionals


“An application that monitors my progress and will guide me in the execution of the exercises would help me complete the therapy”

Clinician team

  •   Personalized rehabilitation therapy
  •   Easy tracking of patient progress
  •   Monitoring of exercise execution in real time
  •   Continuous communication between doctor, physiotherapist and patient


“I would recommend a digital platform to the patients”

Medical centers

  •   Increased in productivity
  •   Reduction of costs with effective treatments and optimized processes
  •   Monitoring of the entire rehabilitation process
  •   Clear and effective communication channels


“Clinical centers would adopt a tele-rehabilitation solution”

Innovation in ReHub

ReHub Cloud Platform

Establishes an effective communication between physician, physiotherapist and patient, based on medical evidence. It supports the diagnosis, allows the design and assignment of a personalized rehabilitation program, and guides the patient through each exercise.

A “quick view” panel allows the professional to follow the progress of the patient, control the execution of the exercise and adapt the routines remotely.

Smart Exercise Kit

The patient can perform more than 150 personalized exercises allowing him to improve specific muscle regions. Portable sensors can be connected to each tool in the kit and record biomechanical parameters such as range of motion, speed and muscle strength in real time.

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