DyCare ReHub ®: digital solution for rehabilitation therapies

6 March, 2018

ReHub is the first digital solution for remote physical rehabilitation therapies that connects the patient, the rehabilitation physician and the physiotherapist in order to improve the quality of life of the patient and reduce costs to the health system.

What is DyCare ReHub?

After successfully introducing DyCare Lynx into the market, DyCare is confident in   a new solution developed by using  the know-how acquired through DyCare Lynx. ReHub is based on an online platform that connects the patient, the physiotherapist and the medical doctor. It facilitates the rehabilitation treatment from home and it is always monitored by the rehabilitation professional. The physiotherapist is aware of what the patient is doing and can remotely adjust their treatment without having to go to the rehabilitation center, offering in this way saving of time, mobility and cost for the sanitary service.

In an interview for Eduscopi, Silvia Raga, CEO of the company, explains “Our goal is to offer products of value to the patient. We want to show objective data that offers  more personalized treatments and, at the same time, provides savings for the health system. ” Based on this idea, DyCare does not lose its focus on transforming the future of rehabilitation and plans to have the first viable product of the ReHub platform in May 2018.

How does ReHub work?

The Rehub digital platform offers remote rehabilitation, effective and personalized by immediate connection of the patient and the following professionals:

  1. The rehabilitation medical doctor is in charge of performing a functional evaluation of the affected joints. Through the DyTrack sensor tool, the specialist captures the patient’s articular movement in real time, recording joint degree and speed, among other parameters. Next, the doctor makes a diagnosis with the results obtained, and shares it automatically with the physiotherapist.
  1. The physiotherapist creates a personalized program of exercises specifically adapted to the physical condition of the patient, which is based on the goals set by the rehabilitation doctor. Our intelligent algorithms can represent any movement of the patient and automatically calculate the parameters of the therapy. In addition, the ReHub platform allows the physiotherapist to monitor the progress of the patient and adapt their exercises remotely.
  1. The patient has the possibility to access the ReHub platform and perform the exercises whenever and wherever he wants. The patient adds the Smart Exercise Kit to the system to start rehabilitation therapy remotely to improve a specific muscle area. The biofeedback that the patient receives, meaning the observation of the physiological parameters of his body while performing the exercises, increases his empowerment.

The voices of medical professionals

DyCare highlights the importance of having a Medical Board that supports and evaluates their products. “It is essential to have someone in the team to help us develop products in line with the demands of the medical sector,” explains Raga.

Therefore, DyCare has not hesitated to actively involve medical experts with a long career as Dr. Marco Conti, former president of the European Shoulder and Elbow Society (EUSSER), in the development of ReHub. The Doctor states that “remote monitoring of rehabilitation will soon represent a revolution in the management of health systems, since rehabilitation is one of the biggest expenses for medical care in Europe”.

If you have any questions or want to receive more information about DyCare ReHub, do not hesitate to write us, and  we will be happy to get in touch with you.