DyCare will attend the RGA Technovate Lab Congress in Lisbon

16 October, 2017

 On 19th October, Ricardo Jauregui, CTO at DyCare, will attend the Technovate Lab Lisbon organised by RGA (Reinsurance Group of America), the leading life and health-related reinsurance company, to present DyCare Lynx, the innovative wearable solution for functional assessment in patients with joint disorders.

What is Technovate Lab?

 RGA Technovate Lab aims to promote innovation initiatives within the life and health insurance sector. It is an opportunity for seed-stage insurtech companies with a potential for growth to present their new solutions.

The insurtech concept is defined as the transformation of traditional insurance companies to adapt to the new technological environment, in addition to the emergence of startups that offer new digital products.

Presentation of Lynx in Lisbon

During the event, our CTO Ricardo Jauregui will have the opportunity to pitch Lynx, describing how it works and the numerous benefits it provides to an audience of managers at major insurance companies and international investors.

Lynx offers specialists the objective quantification and assessment of functional capacity and limitations that are necessary in clinical decision-making and the planning of personalised treatment. It also allows professionals to carry out constant monitoring of the patient’s progress and recovery, providing improved efficiency and efficacy in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

DyCare will attend the RGA Technovate Lab Congress in LisbonRicardo will also announce DyCare’s upcoming launch: ReHub, the first digital physical rehabilitation therapy solution that maximises operational and therapeutic efficacy while reducing costs. Currently, physical rehabilitation programmes represent 75% of the total healthcare budget in the EU. Their high cost affects both patients and healthcare providers, and this situation calls for the creation of new models that are sustainable within the health system.

Silvia Raga, CEO of DyCare, expects this congress to awaken the interest of a sector that is increasingly known for adding innovative solutions to its value chain. She adds that, “healthcare insurance companies are a very promising market segment that we would like to include in our sales strategy. It will also be an opportunity for us to meet international investors and convince them to commit to a disruptive project that will revolutionise the rehabilitation process for millions of people.”

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