DyCare prepares to make the leap into new European markets

24 November, 2017

On 18 October, the team at healthcare financial news outlet Planta Doce interviewed our CEO, Silvia Raga, about the company’s immediate professional goals such as the leap into new European markets and projected turnover for 2018.


€500,000 secured in funding


DyCare was created in 2015 but began its commercial activity in early 2017. In its initial stages, the company received support from the Bayer pharmaceutical company through the Grants4Apps programme in the form of professional guidance from mentors and coaches over a period of six months. In addition to this, DyCare also received a further €40,000 in funding for young entrepreneurs from Enisa and a grant of €50,000 through the Horizon 2020 programme sponsored by the European Union.


The article details DyCare’s planned European expansion into Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom and confirms that they have received €500,000 in funding for the coming year. According to Silvia Raga, DyCare does not need to make any significant investment in production or distribution. The company’s current objective is to find distributors to begin selling DyCare Lynx in these new markets. “By entering international markets with our first Lynx product, we expect to achieve a turnover of half a million euro in 2018”, affirms Raga during the interview.


DyCare is not only seeking to broaden its commercial horizons, but also to strengthen its team.  Raga explains that the company “expects to see a five-fold increase in staff over the next five years.”


ReHub, the first digital rehabilitation therapy solution


DyCare specialises in the field of medical rehabilitation and provides solutions for the clinical monitoring and assessment of patients with mobility issues. The first product to reach the market was DyCare Lynx, which was launched in February this year. This device is aimed at clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, medical insurance companies and hazard management agencies. DyCare’s clients include, for example, Fisiomèdic Grup in Girona, a professional centre for physiotherapy and osteopathy that works with new technologies, and the Centro de Alto Rendimiento (High Performance Centre) in Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, which specialises in training athletes.

DyCare prepares to make the leap into new European markets

The interest raised and excellent reception received by their first product has spurred DyCare on to design ReHub, a new device for the remote rehabilitation field. As Planta Doce explains in the interview, it is a digital platform that creates a link between the medical specialist, physiotherapist and patient, establishing both a unique communication channel and a standard for the monitoring and assessment of the patient’s progress. It also aims to increase the efficacy of the rehabilitation programme and empower the patient. DyCare expects ReHub to hit the market in 2019.

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