What is Lynx?

Lynx is an innovative solution aimed at all professionals of physical rehabilitation, consisting of motion sensors and intuitive software that allow a functional assessment of joint disorders. 

The professional can make an evaluation before, during and after the treatment that facilitates the therapeutic planning according to the needs of the patient.

How does Lynx work?



Lynx captures joint movements by means of two inertial sensors, or four if a simultaneous biomechanical measurement of a healthy and a pathological joint is made. The sensors are placed on the joint and transmit by Bluetooth each patient’ movement in real time.



The software automatically quantifies all the biomechanical parameters of the movement in a simple click and allows precise analysis in 3 dimensions to detect if there is any limitation or compensation in the movement.



Lynx automatically generates a complete report of the functional assessment of the patient, represented in very intuitive graphics that can be shared with the patient or other specialists and recorded in the medical record.

What are the advantages of Lynx?

Features and functions

Accurate evaluation of the movement

The global capture of the movement detects limitations and compensations of the movement

Comparison Tool

Allows to compare the movement before and after the treatment

Evolution Tool

The tests are stored in order to monitor the progress of the patient


Automatic reports easily document patient status


  •   Fast & non-invasive measurement
  •   Accurate real-time feedback
  •   3D visualization of the mobility
  •   Simultaneous measurement of two joints
  •   Track patient’s progress over time
  •   Easier clinical decisions
  •   Simple & Intuitive Outcomes
  •   Quality assurance: CE marking as a medical device

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