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ReHub computer vision reach another level


Without a doubt, artificial intelligence is revolutionizing our lives. At ReHub we want to be at the forefront of new technologies so we have  a way of performing exercises in which patients would only need the camera of their mobile, tablet or computer to receive real-time feedback of their execution. 

“Am I reaching the range of motion that my therapist has indicated? Am I at the right pace? Wait, how many reps am I doing?”  Computer Vision, provides answers to all these questions. The main objective is always to guarantee maximum safety and therapeutic efficacy to our users.

When we launched this new camera-based motion detection modality, we knew that it was just the beginning . In the world of technology, everything is constantly evolving. So since then, we’ve worked hard  to  improve the user experience and the accuracy of our technology.

We now have more than 1500 therapeutic exercises, and 300 of them support camera motion detection! Working above all areas of the body! This number will be increased in future updates, so stay tuned for more.

We make high technology accessible!

We are the only telerehabilitation platform in the market that allows you to set up your own exercises so that the patient’s camera can evaluate the execution of the exercise without you having to be present. We have improved the visual guide that the patient sees over his or her own image when performing the exercise: a movement arc indicates the direction of the movement that the patient should perform, and a metronome marks the rhythm. Remember that, as a professional, you can decide these parameters or choose a level of difficulty. You are in charge!

Last but not least, have you met our virtual coach, the friendly Diana? Diana is now able to give more varied feedback to the patient, increasing motivation and engagement.

If you have any questions about how to start using Computer Vision with your patients or you don’t have ReHub yet, write to

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