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Telerehabilitation to Personalize your Insured's Experience

An effective alternative to personalize the rehabilitation experience of your policyholders, allowing them to access therapy from wherever they want through technology.

ReHub offers a new healthcare model

Allowing insurance companies to offer a new and innovative care model that allows them to increase their customers’ experience, avoiding unnecessary transport and reducing their recovery time.

It allows your clients to be attended in a faster and more flexible way through a 100% personalized online physiotherapy therapeutic treatment.

Artificial intelligence and rehabilitation

The patient can perform the prescribed exercises from their mobile, tablet or computer and thanks to our artificial vision technology they will receive corrections in real time.

Our algorithms are able to capture up to 70 points on the body to monitor the movement and give you an accurate report.

Optimize your resources and improve the user experience

Real-time access to measurable results and metrics through a dashboard to identify ways to reduce costs, increase service quality and improve the user experience.

Online Physiotherapy

Everything you need in a Telerehabilitation solution

Individual Licenses

Web App and Patient App

Medical staff specialized in rehabilitation

Integration with your insurer's App and third party systems

Dashboard to measure the service

Multilingual platform

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Free application for all your patients

Involve your users in their recovery process

Your clients can use the ReHub digital app on their mobile, tablet or laptop. Our app has been tested on patients up to 80 years of age and has a satisfaction rating of 4.5/5.

Accessibility 24/7 via mobile,
tablet or laptop

Reduced recovery

Correction in real time of the execution of the exercises

Empowerment and greater
adherence to treatment

Professional supervision by
chat and video call

Cost savings in
transport and travel


DKV integrates ReHub to offer online physiotherapy

ReHub is being progressively implemented to the entire network of more than 1,000 collaborating centers and has been integrated into its digital app Quiero Cuidarme Mas, providing digital rehabilitation services to its more than 2 million policyholders.

“The alliance with DyCare began with the feedback it provides to the patient, since you can see their evolution as they perform the exercises.”
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