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an innovative solution for hospital care
hospital care

Combining technology and the expertise of healthcare professionals to deliver high quality care Find out how telerehabilitation can improve healthcare in your hospitals!

What can ReHub do for my hospital?

Scalable, competitive and improves the quality of service.

Reduces waiting lists

Increases Adherence

Optimises operational management

Reduces healthcare costs

Exploit clinical data

In just 3 weeks ReHub can be 100% operational in your center.

Artificial intelligence and rehabilitation

The patient can perform the prescribed exercises from their mobile, tablet or computer and thanks to our artificial vision technology they will receive corrections in real time.

Our algorithms are able to capture up to 70 points on the body to monitor the movement and give you an accurate report.

Offer a new care model

Our care model through telerehabilitation has a huge impact on the hospital’s rehabilitation service because it is scalable, cost-competitive and improves patient experience and service quality.

ReHub's technology is validated by different clinical studies that demonstrate its safety and effectiveness

How it works

Getting started with ReHub is simple:

Personalize your patients' therapies to the millimeter and obtain objective data.

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