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Vall d’Hebron

Vall d’Hebron is a world-renowned public healthcare provider that manages four hospitals: General Hospital, Children’s Hospital, Women’s Hospital, and Traumatology, Rehabilitation, and Burns Hospital. Vall d’Hebron provides comprehensive healthcare services to more than 430,000 people in the city of Barcelona.


Analyze the impact of telerehabilitation on the waiting lists of patients with chronic musculoskeletal problems.


The Vall d’Hebron Hospital used ReHub digital platform to provide telerehabilitation services to its patients with chronic knee, back, and shoulder pathologies.

For 6 months, a mixed rehabilitation system was implemented, at the time of greatest demand due to COVID-19. On average, the combined therapy included 3 face-to-face sessions and 29 telerehabilitation sessions.

Thanks to ReHub, patients save time on transport and commuting to the hospital since they can do their exercises from home. On the other hand, physiotherapists take advantage of ReHub by monitoring patients’ progress remotely, facilitating follow-up, and enabling the personalization of therapy.


More than 400 patients used ReHub in the 6 months analyzed. The use of ReHub was shown to have a direct impact on the operational improvement of rehabilitation services, achieving a 15% reduction in waiting lists.

  • 85% satisfaction rate
  • + 16,600 hours of exercise from home
  • 15% reduction in waiting lists

ReHub is an easy-to-use, secure tool with very human technical support. “ReHub is an easy-to-use, secure tool with very human technical support. Thanks to ReHub, more than 4,000 home-based rehabilitation sessions have been performed with 85% of patients’ satisfaction. I recommend it!”

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