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The new era of digital rehabilitation

Create ultra-personalized exercises and monitor the patient in a simple and effective way.

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Discover Digital Rehabilitation

Prescribe AI-assisted therapeutic exercises

Our technology allows your patients to perform therapeutic exercises using only their mobile, tablet or PC camera and receive corrections in real time.

You will also receive a report of the execution of the exercise.

Receive accurate and contrasted data and clinical results!

Access reports with objective and reliable clinical data on the activity of your patients to make more agile therapeutic decisions.

why choose us

Life is movement, movement is life

We design portable solutions that revolutionize the rehabilitation process for patients with musculoskeletal problems.
Individualized treatments

Personalization of the control and treatment of patients according to their needs

More precise and contrasted clinical results

More agile therapeutic decisions through objective and reliable clinical analysis

Reduction of health costs

Optimization of therapy and improvement of patient’s quality of life

Benefits of REHUB

Ultra-personalized therapies

Offers an Artificial Intelligence-assisted therapeutic exercise prescription service.

Monitor the evolution of your patients

Monitor your patients remotely and make agile decisions.

Improve communication with your patients

Communicate by video or chat and offer a closer service.

Boost your personal brand

Personalize the patient environment, create customized reports with your brand and differentiate yourself from the rest.

Reduce costs and save time

Optimize therapies, assist more patients and reduce costs.


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Personalize your patients' therapies to the millimeter and obtain objective data.

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