Digital health, a disruption in constant evolution

16 December, 2019

  Medicine is synonymous with evolution, history proves it. In the course of time this discipline has been able to adapt to the new paradigms and challenges that have arisen. Its progress has not only contributed to the cure of numerous health disorders and the prevention of diseases, but has also contributed to the improvement […]

Advantages of biomechanical analysis with Lynx

29 July, 2019

Biomechanics makes it possible to assess the state and evolution of a lesion or a musculoskeletal pathology, and to evaluate the efficiency of the treatment or rehabilitation therapy through dynamic tests. In order to carry out this study, a tool such as Lynx is essential, which allows to obtain objective and reliable data and make […]

Digital health: benefits and barriers to healthcare

14 February, 2019

The health sector is living a real digital revolution with the inclusion of technology in all its processes. There are many benefits that eHealth can bring to health care and the patient, but what barriers will the health sector have to face in order to implement it? What is e-Health? The e-Health is a set […]

Internet of Things: the digital trends that will mark 2019

24 December, 2018

It is increasingly common to find new devices capable of connecting to the Internet and allowing the user to manage and control remotely. Discover the advantages of IoT and the technological trends 2019 will bring to the health sector. What is the Internet of Things? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical […]

Whiplash: causes, symptoms and diagnosis

12 November, 2018

Cervical sprain, colloquially called whiplash, is an injury caused by a hyperflexion or hyperextension of the neck, which usually occurs after a traffic accident. Despite its multiple symptoms, it is sometimes difficult to diagnose due to the lack of objectivity of the results of the medical examination. What is whiplash and what are its causes […]

Advantages of incorporating tele-rehabilitation into healthcare

27 July, 2018

The technology applied to the field of rehabilitation provides multiple benefits for both the health system and the patient.  Next, we explain why tele-rehabilitation will help optimize healthcare resources and improve patients’ quality of life.     A better picture: lack of specialists and long waiting lists in rehabilitation “The Spanish health system is not […]

Use of wearables devices in the health sector

3 May, 2018

The health sector is experiencing an authentic digital revolution with the inclusion of technology: big data, artificial intelligence or medical wearables provide an added value to healthcare with the aim of improving prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring patients. Additionally, they mean a cost saving for the sanitary system. What are wearables devices and what advantages […]