Wearable solutions for medical care and physical rehabilitation

16 October, 2017

In Europe, six out of ten people have musculoskeletal disorders, and many of these cases have been incorrectly diagnosed or treated. DyCare is dedicated to revolutionizing the field of medical rehabilitation and develops solutions to improve the diagnosis, tracking and assessment of patient mobility issues.

About us

DyCare is a small company in Barcelona that earned the recognition of the pharmaceutical company Bayer through to the Grants4Apps® programme which supports digital health projects, and has also obtained funding from the European Union through the Horizon 2020 programme.

Our mission is to create solutions that revolutionize patient care in the medical and rehabilitation fields. Our enterprising team of committed young professionals is led by DyCare co-founder and CEO Silvia Raga, a biomedical engineer who holds an MBA and has more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare sector, and the CTO and co-founder Ricardo Jauregui, who holds a PhD and PMP certification and has managed and developed innovation research projects within the healthcare sector for more than 15 years. The R&D team is formed by engineer Alex Rodríguez in the role of Systems Architect, Santiago Lopez as Frontend Expert, and engineer Pau Ortega as developer. Additionally, we have received the support of Simone Balocco since the company was founded. Simone holds a PhD in Electronics and Telecommunications and is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Barcelona. He has extensive experience in the computer-assisted detection of medical conditions.

What we do

At DyCare, we focus on developing devices that incorporate wearable sensor technology to improve the diagnosis, monitoring, tracking and assessment of patient mobility issues.  We put this into action with our first device, DyCare Lynx, which allows the movement in any joint to be assessed. Lynx uses sensors to capture the joint’s movement in 3D and record the data in real time in order to perform a highly accurate clinical analysis.

Our aim is to safeguard patient wellbeing and mobility while providing the healthcare system with cost-saving solutions that allow patient monitoring and treatment to be tailored to fit each patient’s needs.

We are proud that our first product, DyCare Lynx, has gained the trust of outstanding professionals who have believed in our project from the beginning. We have received funding from prestigious international medical investors such as Dr. Marco Conti, President of the European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation (EUSSER) and Dr. Alessandro Castagna, a world-leading specialist in shoulder surgery. We also work closely with universities, hospitals and clinics to gain knowledge and discover technology that will allow us to develop highly competitive products.

A company that looks towards the future

At DyCare, we want to continue innovating in the rehabilitation field, which is why we are currently working on telerehabilitation. Based on a system that connects the patient, the physiotherapist and the doctor, it allows treatment to be carried out at home and monitored by the rehabilitation professional. The physiotherapist monitors the patient and can adjust treatment remotely without the need for the patient to visit the rehabilitation centre. This saves time and reduces transport and manpower costs within the healthcare system.

If you have any queries on this article or if you would like to receive more information, please feel free to write to us. We would be delighted to get in touch with you.