The digitalization of health as a process of improvement for the sector

20 July, 2020

At DyCare we are convinced that within the world of health care we all must contribute with our knowledge, experience and resources to build a better future for people. In recent months, an enormous effort has been made to gather information, knowledge and competence to respond to the needs that have been imposed on our lives on a daily basis. All global health systems are challenged to optimize their resources and human capital 

Our field of action is specifically focused on rehabilitation and physiotherapy approached from telemedicine and digital health. Confident of the recent progress made by this sectorits usefulness has been fully proved in many areas where it has important benefits for patients, health professionals and the health system. More than ever, the advances that tele-health is effectively bringing to medicine are being shared collectively.

In this context, we present here a collection of blogs and websites in the digital health sector, in order to provide rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists and health professionals in general with a large amount of valuable information on resources and recommendations. We have focused on those who speak about the digital transformation of the sector, focusing on technology and innovation in the field of health.

10 digital recommendations in the field of digital health

Salud Digital: online magazine about eHealth and information about technology applied to health. 

Elsevier: global information site that assists institutions and professionals in the progress of science and advanced health care. 

This week in digital health: articles, podcasts, news and videos about innovations that are shaping the field of digital health. 

The Medical Futurist: the team at this site works to provide a bold vision of the future of healthcare today.  

Ticbiomed, bridging ehealth: a business partnership that drives ehealth at national and European level by connecting opportunities and solutions in ehealth. 

Telehealth Hub: this website brings together an extensive list of resources that have been shared and recommended by members of Australia’s health community, to help their colleagues, professionals and consumers use tele-health effectively. 

About digital health: The heart of this project is Artur Olesch, a digital health journalist who writes and researches how digital technology is influencing and disrupting health care. 

Mobihealthnews: publishing news, analysis and data on digital health. For nearly 10 years he has identified and contextualized emerging trends in ehealth helping his readers shape the future of health. 

Pharmaphorum: provides support to the pharmaceutical industry through the reach and reputation of its publications and its advising and creative capabilities in medicine and digital innovation. 

Digital Health Global: is a publishing project with the aim of disseminating and promoting the culture of digital health, offering content based on the latest trends on the national and international scenario.

The DyCare blog, our contribution to eHealth

Also, through our blog and social networks, you will be able to find the latest technological and digital news in the sector, as well as testimonials that provide their experience with the world of eHealth, either at a professional or patient level. In last December’s post about Digital Health, we already shared the new challenges facing medicine in 2020. The reality has accelerated the trends that have been pointing to the future of eHealth.

At DyCare we recognize the opportunities that the digital transformation offers to the health sector. The importance of medicine adapting to new times is a priority in order to cover patients’ needs, as well as to help professionals with new technologies to speed up processes. Therefore, being aware of these needs, we offer the most innovative digital solutions and share our knowledge with the health sector. For a present and future where technology applied to medicine has an unstoppable progress.