DyCare counts on the active participation of a Medical Board

2 February, 2018

Having the active participation of a Medical Board is essential to evaluate the products developed by a MedTech startup such as DyCare, taking into account the demands and needs of the medical sector.

What is a Medical Board and who are its participants?

Since the birth of DyCare, the co-founders, Silvia Raga and Ricardo Jauregui, believed in the importance of designing solutions that add value to the rehabilitation process, and that cover the real needs of medical professionals. The contribution of different physicians in the development of the company’s solutions helps to make these solutions more competitive and innovative.

The current Board is made up by professionals with great experience and international acknowledgment, such as Dr. Alessandro Castagna, appointed Chairman of the Board and team coordinator; Marco Conti, physician of Sports Medicine with specialization in shoulder rehabilitation; and the most recent addition, Dr. Maurizio Calcagni, specialist in wrist surgery.

Alessandro Castagna has more than twenty-five years of experience in shoulder surgery and performs about 900 operations per year. He is currently Director of Orthopedic Surgery of Shoulder and Elbow in Humanitas Research Hospital; previously he was President of the SECEC/ESSE (European Society Soul & Elbow Surgery) and SICseG (Italian Society Soul & Elbow Surgery) and, currently, Professor of Orthopedics in the UNIMED University of Milan. Marco Conti, President of the European Shoulder and Elbow Society (EUSSER), is also a Doctor of Sports Medicine and Shoulder Consultant in different Rehabilitation Centers. Maurizio Calcagni is the General Secretary of the Federation of the European societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH), and Vice President of the Division of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery at the Hospital Zürich (Switzerland).

In the long term, the company intends to expand the workforce with professionals of different specializations within the medical rehabilitation. For the company, the continuous participation of the members is crucial. “The Board is very active, we are constantly meeting to define the development of ReHub“, explains Raga, CEO of DyCare.

Experts say…

Dr. Alessandro Castagna explains “the DyCare project gave me the opportunity to participate in something innovative, stimulating and useful” and adds “I believe in the DyCare project, because it is carried out by a group of young people with brilliant ideas, technical skills, will and tenacity“. In addition, he believes that “rehabilitation is the answer to the need of many people: a simple, effective and cost-effective approach to functional recovery

On the other hand, Dr. Marco Conti also expressed his opinion on participating in DyCare: “I was completely involved in the DyCare ReHub project aiming at rehabilitation, because the team is highly professional, the innovative idea and the solutions created are revolutionary”.


DyCare counts on the active participation of a Medical Board


ReHub: the first digital solution for rehabilitation therapies

Currently, DyCare is working on ReHub, a digital platform that offers effective and personalized remote rehabilitation, in which the confidence of the Medical Board members is very significant. The objective is to improve the therapeutic and operative efficacy, at the same time offering a reduction in healthcare costs.

Conti stresses that “remote monitoring of rehabilitation will soon represent a revolution in the management of health systems, since rehabilitation is one of the highest costs of medical care in Europe“.

Being able to simplify the rehabilitation process, making it objective in the results and making it more efficient by reducing costs, can have a great impact on both, the use of health resources and the lives of patients“, adds the doctor.

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to receive more information about the Medical Board or our products, do not hesitate to write us. We will be happy to contact you.