DyCare bets on digital health in Barcelona Health Hub Summit

27 September, 2019


Next Thursday, October 3, we will participate in #BHHSummit, an international e-Health event where we will exchange ideas, learn about advances in digital health and introduce DyCare solutions.

Barcelona Health Hub, an international impulse to innovation

Barcelona Health Hub is a private non-profit association that aims to promote knowledge, dissemination and innovation of digital health and its transfer to the sector, both nationally and internationally. For this reason, on Thursday 3 October, the Sant Pau Modernist Campus will host the first international edition of the Barcelona Health Hub Summit or BHHSUMMIT event.

It is a meeting that brings together companies and startups from the technology and health sector, investors, large corporations and digital health professionals so that, through presentations, round tables and networking meetings, synergies and interactions between all participants are promoted.

Luis Badrinas, CEO of the event, exposes in an interview for Revista Salud Digital his confidence in the creation of an ecosystem for the digital transformation of health, and affirms that this “will stimulate the links between startups, companies, investors, hospitals and universities”. For Badrinas, it is not easy for professionals and companies to embark on a path of innovation and digital transformation but he assures that this evolution is not only

necessary, but decisive for the future: “We want to connect all those who are working on improving health. Specifically,  those who apply digital health solutions to improve people’s lives” .

One of the goals of BHHSUMMIT is “to help companies develop their activities in the digital health sector and contribute to making them more competitive. We are an obvious meeting place for innovators”, he adds.

DyCare Solutions Promote Digital Health Transformation

After attending several national and international rehabilitation and surgery events such as SECEC-ESSE Congress or digital health and entrepreneurship events such as 4YFN or Sanitas Disruptive, DyCare has been able to contrast the different European markets, present its projects and learn about the advances and trends in the health sector.

For this reason, Barcelona Health Hub Summit is presented as a new opportunity for DyCare to present its digital solutions to large corporations around the world and establish links with investors.

“We are working on a new round of funding and BHH Summit will be a great opportunity to do quality networking and meet influential people and institutions in the digital sector”, says Silvia Raga, CEO of DyCare.

During the summit, DyCare will participate with a commercial stand that will feature the company’s innovative solutions for the physical rehabilitation sector. In line with the objective of BHHSUMMIT, DyCare products improve the quality of life and well-being of the patient through technology. After successfully introducing the Lynx device to the market, DyCare opted for the development of a new solution, created with the “know-how” acquired with the first device, and with the confidence and participation of  doctors and physiotherapists.

ReHub is the first digital solution to offer effective, personalized remote rehabilitation for people with musculoskeletal problems, connecting the patient, doctor and physiotherapist in order to improve adherence to treatment and patient empowerment and reduce costs for the healthcare system. The physiotherapist is aware of how the patient executes the exercises from home and can remotely adjust his treatment without the need for him to go to the rehabilitation center. This saves time and mobility for the patient and lowers cost for the health service. Raga states that “with our new ReHub digital platform, DyCare will be the protagonist of a new rehabilitation model in the healthcare system”.

If you want to know more details about how it works, don’t hesitate to come to the stand. The DyCare team will be delighted to assist you!

See you at the BHHSUMMIT?