We are a pioneering company in the Medtech and Digital Health sector.

At DyCare, we combine state-of-the-art technologies with medical science to address people’s individual needs and improve their quality of life. Our work is based on continuous improvement following these principles:



We work so that our users, either professionals or patients, have the best possible experience with our products.



Our vocation is to innovate and offer our users cutting-edge products and technologies that satisfy their expectations and needs.


High-quality standards

The effectiveness of our products is continuously evaluated by our Quality Management System, which monitors performance, analyzes infrastructure security, and manages customer feedback.


Safe and effective technology

We strive to ensure robust clinical evidence to support the efficacy and safety of our products.

DyCare Team

DyCare is a multidisciplinary team, complementing each other and looking for the perfect combination of each of us, extracting the maximum of our knowledge. Each person of the team has an important role

Silvia Raga

CEO & Founder

Ricardo Jauregui

CEO & Founder

Marcel Muñoz


Alex Zanuy

Business Developer

Alex Rodriguez

System Architect

Elizabeth Goicochea

Head of Digital Marketing

Daniel Rodriguez

Product Specialist

Aleix López

QA & RA Manager

Gustavo Sandín

Front-end Developer

Xavier Robert

Back-end Developer

Pau Ortega

Back-end Developer

Pablo Aldana

Technical operator

David Llanos

Front-end Developer

Javier Rodriguez

Data Science & AI Responsable

Jordi Espasa

AI Expert

Berta Mayans

Product Gamification

Medical Board

Having the active participation of experts in physical medicine, rehabilitation and surgery is essential to evaluate our solutions taking into account the demands and needs of the medical sector.

Dr. Alessandro Castagna

President of Medical Advisory Board

Orthopaedic Surgery of the Shoulder and Elbow Unit Director in Humanitas Research Hospital. Professor of Orthopaedic in UNIMED University (Milan). He was president of SECEC and SICS&G.

Dr. Marco Conti

Phd, Medical Advisor  

EUSSER (European Shoulder & Elbow Society) past President. Sports Medicine Postgraduate Doctor with a Ph.D. in Human Applied Physiology. Shoulder consultant in many Rehab Centers. Owner of two big Sports Medicine consultancy offices.

Dr. Maurizio Calcagni

Phd, Medical Advisor 

General Secretary of the Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand – FESSH. Head of Hand Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery of the Extremities in University Hospital Zurich.

Physio Board

Our physiotherapists collaborate actively in the development of our solutions to improve the control and monitoring of the mobility problems of their patients.



More than 25 years of experience as a physiotherapist, specialist in post-arthroscopic and post-prosthetic rehabilitation. Collaborator in renowned surgical teams in both elective surgery and traumatology. Responsible for physiotherapy at the Rusconi s.r.l.



More than 20 years of experience as a physiotherapist and osteopath plus an experience of ten years as a nurse. From 2018 professor at Bicocca University (Milan, Italy) of whiplash course and shoulder rehabilitation.



Physiotherapist since 1990, with a Master degree in Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal Disorders. In the last fifteen years focused her experience on back disorders and shoulder rehab with Prof. Alessandro Castagna and his assistants.

Advisory Board

Investors and specialists in finance with a long career are committed to innovative solutions that can revolutionize the healthcare sector.

Giovanni Vergani

Financial Expert 

Director at AddWise S.A, 20 years working in finance, 10 as Managing Director in Credit Suisse. Since 2014 has been a business consultant to financials intermediaries providing strategic advice to banks and insurance companies.

Giorgio Pedretti

Senior ICT Consultant 

ICT Consultant on international Companies involved on medical and research field. He has been IT Manager Consultant and worked with several medical associations. He focuses his work with innovative Studio Medico Alessandro Castagna.

PhD. Simone Balocco

Signal Processing Scientist 

Ph.D. in Electronics and Telecommunications. Professor at the University of Barcelona, Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology. He has a longstanding experience in artificial intelligence and computer vision methods for the computer-aided detection of clinical pathologies.


Roberto Martin

Senior Expert in Digital Transformation & Open innovation Models

Technology Innovator with business impact. More than 18 years leading innovative projects in Bayer with high impact roles in the organization. Digital expert, passionate and inspiring able to lead the change for digital transformation. Highly prepared and competent to solve complex problems and boost business growth with innovation, have worked on transformation from traditional product business models to “digital service” business models.

Premios y reconocimientos


Secure. Encrypted. Certified as medical device

The safety, security and privacy of professionals and patients is always our top priority. We comply with GDPR, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 and SOC 2. Our technology is patented in Europe and the United States.