Clinical assessment
by wearable sensors solutions

Life is movement, movement is life

We design portable solutions that revolutionize the rehabilitation process of patients with musculoskeletal problems.

Individualized treatments

Personalization of the control and treatment of patients according to their needs

More precise and contrasted clinical results

More agile therapeutic decisions through objective and reliable clinical analysis

Reduction of health costs

Optimization of therapy and improvement of patient’s quality of life

Our solutions

ReHub platform is the World’s first Digital Recovery Therapy solution that delivers effective, personalized rehabilitation for MSD sufferers.
Our unique wearable sensor and intelligent algorithms deliver objective, real-time measurements of a patient’s muscle strength and joint movement.

Lynx is an innovative medical device aimed at all professionals of physical rehabilitation, consisting of motion sensors and intuitive software that allow a functional assessment of joint disorders.

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Objective analysis with portable solutions for physical rehabilitation

DyCare takes a technological leap to leave behind traditional measurement tools and create wearable solutions that record in real time the biomechanical parameters of any articulation.

Our solutions provide a continuous assessment of patient improvement with injuries or muscles problems.

We believe in R&D

We work in the field of science and technology applied to the health sector to improve the quality of life of our patients

We work in close contact with universities and hospitals to incorporate the latest advances in technology and knowledge that allow us to develop highly competitive products that help biomechanical measurement.

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Quality Seal

Our Quality Management System is certified under ISO 13485 by KIWA CERMET ITALIA S.p.A.

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Do you know the advantages of Lynx?
Our advanced solution for physiotherapists has amazing qualities like:

✅ Real-time measurement of motion and strength.
✅ Comparison feature before and after a treatment.
✅ Detailed analysis of the biomechanical parameters.
✅ Evolution feature to see the patient’s progress.
✅ Video recording during the measurement.
✅ Automatic reports of patient status.

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